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It’s on, brothers and sisters! I’ll be on The Music Show - Radio National ABC on Thursday 16th 2022.

The Music Show is a mix of conversation and music hosted by Andrew Ford; Apparently Gregorian cheat or hip hop, Kd Lang or a rookie conductor - all get the rapt attention they deserve

Airs Saturday and Sunday 11 am repeated Saturday and Sunday 9 pm, Repeated Saturday and Sunday 9 pm, Wednesday 2 pm and Thursday 11 pm.

I was asked the choose a song to perform on the radio from my new EP ‘The DIY Project Called Life’.

I hate having to choose one song to perform because I love them all in different ways. I mean, I was in different moods when I wrote all the songs, therefore they all hit different spots depending on my mood at that particular time.

For Example, the song ’ Broken ‘ was a break-up song, whereas ’Shine Your love lights’ is all about being peaceful and free.

After taking some time to think, I decided that ‘My Personal Revolution is the perfect song to perform’

Do you want to know why I chose this song as the one to play on the radio?

Stay tuned and I will let you know in my next blog post.

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